Kamis, 11 Desember 2008

Drop Bio Essence Supplement

Drop Bio Essence Essence Supplement made from 100% pure Fruit and Vegetables, with process fermentation for 9 months, good medicine for Uric Acid, Colesterol, China Leucorrhoea Pektiau, Disfunction Erection, and also good anti aging, etc.

Drop Bio Essence Supplement innovation is the nation's children (David, Mr. Andi Purnama), which use integrated Bio Technology.
Permission has been obtained by Sales and Consumption BPOM RI, with Registration Number: TR BPOM. 083 677 671.

If drunk regularly in accordance with the dose of advice can help improve the metabolism and maintain health. Works to help:

Optimize the absorption of nutrients; Improve the body's metabolism; Improve blood circulation and oxygen supply; Detoxification and cell regeneration; Increase body resistance; Improve nerve function; Increase stamina and passion; The blood sugar, cholesterol, fiber acid, cancer, etc.

As we know together, that the level of pollution (smoke from both motor vehicles and factories), the preservative and food coloring, eating habits and patterns that bad, can cause disease, such as heart, lungs, and even stroke.

No less important is the control and stress response.

Such as natural events that I (name: Anton Pangestu, Address: Perum PORIS INDAH, Block-G1-31, Cipondoh - Tangerang 15148, Indonesia), because the burden of work and the problems that I experienced, and does not keep a good eating pattern, on 15 June 2008 I exposed Militus Diabetes (formative history of the disease from the mother's lineage), with the sugar in the blood at the 281 level (measured after fasting for 10 hours), and I experienced stroke (in the body is exposed to the right side, from fingertips to the tip of the foot).

Weak feet to tread, that must be kept running, from the base of arm to elbow pins and rigid-rigid.

In mid October 2008 I try to drink Drop Bio Essence Supplement, a week after I drink Drop Bio Essence Supplement, sugar in the blood fell from 281 into 178, feet have started strong to walk, pins and rigid-rigid decrease in the start.

After 4 weeks drinking Drop Bio Essence Supplement, I can already work again, sugar in the blood to be normal (2 hours after meals, at 98).

It's only a drop of heavenly wisdom to heal the world. "... I prayed to The Lord so that I could help a lot of people ... then His hand guided me..." David Andi Purnama (Formulator Jamu Tetes dbes - Drop Bio Essence Supplement)